Sun MGD-I AL Double-Post
    Publish time 2022-07-26 10:55    
Sun MGD-I AL Double-Post

     Sun MGD-I AL Double-Post Mounting System, simplified structure with less components, highly pre-assembled features lead to prominent

efficiency of on-site installation. Suitable for large, medium and small scale ground solar PV power station. While ensuring the structural strength, 

the material cost can be reduced to the maximum extent. This support system with better adjustability which can realize the arbitrary adjustment 

of the front and rear, left and right, up and down directions.


Highly pre-assembled,Easy & quick installation

Highly pre-assembled with less components, no additional cutting and drilling, reducing construction difficulty , saving time and project cost greatly.

Adaptable and Durable

High industrial-grade aluminum alloy used for main components, which improves the surface corrosion resistance and long service life according 

to project requirements.

Flexible adjustment,Optimize appearance

Realize the omni-directional adjustment design according to the terrain, the construction is simple and convenient, the appearance can be optimized