Sun MGS-I AL Single-Post
    Publish time 2022-07-26 10:02    
Sun MGS-I AL Single-Post

     Sun MGS-I AL Single-Post Mounting System , Simple system structure with less components,Overall beautiful, convenient construction,  

no large installation equipment, convenient maintenance .Under suitable geological conditions, using single column foundation can greatly 

shorten pile driving time and improve foundation construction efficiency.By further integrating and optimizing products, greater time and cost

savings can be achieved in field installation.  It is widely used in different ground photovoltaic power stations. 


Easy & quick installation,Cost efficiency

Simplified structure with less components, no additional cutting and drilling, reducing construction difficulty , saving time and project cost greatly.

Adaptable and Durable

High industrial-grade aluminum alloy used for main components, which improves the surface corrosion resistance and long service life according

 to project requirements.

Flexible adjustment, Optimize appearance

Realize the omni-directional adjustment design according to the terrain, the construction is simple and convenient, the appearance can be 

optimized perfectly.