Sun MGD-Ⅲ ZAM Double-Post
    Publish time 2022-08-02 11:42    
Sun MGD-Ⅲ ZAM Double-Post

      Sun MGD-Ⅲ ZAM Double-Post Mounting System-C-Steel support for large-scale ground projects, customers can book customized solutions 

according to detailed project specifications. The main structures of the photovoltaic supports are all made of ZAM materials, which has strong 

corrosion resistance and self-repairing ability.


Simple Structure,Smart Installation

The support structure is simple, and there are few types of accessories. The cross beam and girder are pre-drilled in order to make the installation

 more efficient and greatly reduce the construction cost.

Service Available Longer,Power Generation More Efficient

Unique surface treatment, make stronger corrosion resistance. It can perfectly adapt to various mountainous and hilly terrains, improve land utilization,

and increase overall power generation rate.

Sturdy, Stable &Reliable Support

Using the C-steel with larger cross- section, which has stronger bearing capacity and is suitable for areas with high wind and snow.