Sun MGC-I AL Carport
    Publish time 2022-07-26 10:15    
Sun MGC-I AL Carport

      Sun MGC-I AL Carport Mounting System, highatile for economical floor carport system. Applied to both large commercial and personal residential 

projects.High quality aluminum components and professional design to ensure the safety of parking vehicles. The design can be customized according

to onsite requirements,effectively solve the sun light, snow/wind and other damage to vehicles, while ensuring the benefits of photovoltaic power generation.


Reasonable structurestrong stability

A variety of structural forms to meet daily parking needs. The structure is more compact, and the support has strong stability and performance.

Strong controllability,Easy & quick installation

Customize solution according to the onsite requirements, utilize the ground area and maximize the revenue to large extent.

Simple construction,Strong compatibility

Fewer types of spare parts, light weight, without large-scale equipment for installation. Easy construction, compatible with various types of photovoltaic

 modules on the market.