Sun SW-400 Portable Power System
    Publish time 2023-11-23 16:39    
Sun SW-400 Portable Power System

        This product is a small portable energy storage system equipped with foldable PV panels, and it's applicable for both indoor &  outdoor power needs. 

 Unlike the traditional metal frame, the foldable panels are wrapped and stitched with composite fabric, which not only ensures the  structural strength, 

but also ensures the functions of dustproof, waterproof, and etc.


         Portable & Easy Installation. Lightweight, foldable, easy to use &  carry.

         Applicable & Durable.Mainly made of composite materials,  waterproof, dustproof and scratchproof, durable and wear-resistant, long  service life.

         Adjustable Panels.Adjustable panels to maximize  power generation efficiency.