Sun MGD-II Carbon Steel Double-post
    Publish time 2022-07-22 16:15    
Sun MGD-II Carbon Steel Double-post

     Sun MGD-II Carbon Steel Double-post PV Mounting System is suitable for solar PV system for roof or large ground projects. Providing customized solution

 according to specific project design. The main structure is made of economical carbon steel material, with simple manufacturing process, efficiency production 

and output capacity. Independent structural design to minimize the installation time, and construction cost.


Economical & practical,Quick modular fixation

Carbon steel material is economical and durable. Beam and girder design with adjustable hole, no additional cutting and drilling result in efficient installation and

 significantly reduce the construction cost.

Longer service life,Efficient power generation

High quality surface treatment, strong corrosion resistance, apply to long service life. Perfectly adapt to all various of mountain, hilly terrain, with high utilization

 rate and excellent overall generation efficiency.

Outstanding diversity &Inclusion

Multiple foundation options for different terrain which can support with various standard types of PV modules on the market.