Sun MGC-II Color Steel Tile Waterproof Carport
    Publish time 2022-07-22 17:04    
Sun MGC-II Color Steel Tile Waterproof Carport

      Sun MGC-II Color Steel Tile Waterproof Carport is a highly versatile and economical ground carport photovoltaic support system, which can be applied

 to both large-scale commercial and personal residential projects. Its high-quality aluminum components and color steel tile components have undergone 

professional structural design to ensure the safety of the vehicle.


High waterproof grade,good heat insulation

The seamless overlap of the color steel tiles makes the system more waterproof. After the double barrier of solar radiation energy by photovoltaic modules 

and color steel tiles, the underside of the carport is even cooler.

Strong selectivity,good transformability

According to customer needs, the carport can be waterproof or non-waterproof, and the built non-waterproof carport can also be quickly transformed into a 

waterproof carport.

Simple construction,Strong compatibility

Few kinds of parts and light weight. Merchants do not need large-scale equipment for installation. Easy to construct, and compatible with various types

 of photovoltaic modules on the market.