Sun MRP-II Tile roof solution
    Publish time 2022-08-02 10:16    
Sun MRP-II Tile roof solution

     Sun MRP-II Tile roof solution - Tile roof with weak bearing capacity is not suitable for large support. Our tile roof hook can perfectly

solve the disadvantages, saving installation time and reducing installation cost. The unique design of the accessories can be adapted 

to a variety of tile or glazed roof, with great flexibility for the installation.


Easy & quick installation,Cost efficiency

Simplified structure with less components, no additional cutting and drilling, reducing construction difficulty , saving time and project cost greatly.

Adaptable & Applicable

Apply for a full range of tile roof, including glazed tile, ceramic tile, Roman tile, asphalt shingle tile, etc., with flexible choice of various hooks.

Compatible with various,photovoltaic modules

Unique design of the clamp can be inserted into any angle to the track, also it compatible with various types of photovoltaic modules on the market.