Sun MGA-I AL Farm PV
    Publish time 2022-08-02 10:53    
Sun MGA-I AL Farm PV

    Sun MGA-I AL Farm PV Mounting System, it can cover the characteristic of paddy field, dry field, and other agricultural lands, 

with high pre-assembled support. It can be insulated from infrared rays during the summer, preventing more heat from entering

the system.


Highly pre-assembled,Easy & quick installation

Highly pre-assembled with less components, no additional cutting and drilling, reducing construction difficulty , saving time and

 project cost greatly.

Efficient Utilization

AL Farm PV Mounting System do not occupy cultivated land, and not affect the growth of crops while generating electricity, 

so as to effectively use land resources.

Flexible Conditions

Different typesetting solutions of panels on the top of AL Farm PV Mounting system can apply for the lighting demand of various crops.