Sun MF-I Floating PV
    Publish time 2022-07-25 14:51    
Sun MF-I Floating PV

     Sun MF-I Floating PV Mounting System, it was widely used on water PV power installation, that can economize land resources. Water has cooling 

effect on solar panels, which can inhibit the rise of module temperature, and it can increase 10-15% higher power generation than traditional groud or 

roof PV mounting system.


Long service life & Low pollution

The floater is made of High Density PE , this material with its feature as environmental protection without pollution, with the characteristic of sufficient 


Convenient installation

The design can realize symmetrical array, promoting installation capacity and maximize power generation. Unique splice solution assists installation

 more convenient.

Easy Maintainance

Excellent physical ability, the main aisle structure assists maintenance more convenient and efficient.