Sun MRF-II Carbon Steel tripod
    Publish time 2022-07-26 11:02    
Sun MRF-II Carbon Steel tripod

    Sun MRF-II Carbon Steel tripod Mounting System is suitable for commercial and residential flat roof system. The main structure is made of

economical carbon steel with simplified process, efficiency production and output capacity. The support system with powerful adjustability and

convenient construction, which greatly reduces the construction time.


Highly pre-assembled,

Easy & quick installation

Support highly pre-assembled with less components, no on-stie cutting & drilling request. Easier for on-site construction, saving the time & cost.

Adaptable & Applicable

High grade industrial aluminum alloy used for main components, can be customized according to project, by changing the ability of corrosion 

resistance of surface for longer service life.

Flexible adjustment,Optimize appearance

Both landscape & portrait solar module layout are suitable. Installation angle can be adjusted flexibly to meet all customer requirements to a 

greater extent.